Getting Through Security when You’re Traveling

Security today is now tighter than ever because if the September 11th events. In airports today, no stone goes unturned. Unfortunately, this can make traveling far more annoying, and if you get checked out, you may be delayed for your flight or overly upset unless you take certain measures.

There are a number of ways to make sure that your trip runs as smoothly as possible, even if you get checked by security. These simple actions will make all the difference in the timeliness and efficiency with which you get through security.

Make sure when you arrive at the airport that your bag isn’t locked. If it is locked, the lock will be broken. Arrange everything as neat as possible so that the person inspecting your luggage doesn’t have to dig around. If they can glance in and rifle it a bit without missing anything, you’re good to go.

Put anything at all sharp in your check-in luggage, even if it’s a pair of tweezers or nail clippers. This is highly important, as anything security deems a threat will be confiscated. The same goes for things like bobby pins and hair sticks.

Wear easily transferable clothing. If you wear a jacket, make sure it’s easy to take off. Also, wear slip on shoes that can be easily taken on and off. Whatever you do, don’t wear a belt that has a metal buckle. Go no belt at all or cloth.

If you have any bodily element, like a metal plate or pin, get a signed copy of a doctor’s note and have it ready to show authorities if the alarm goes off.

Always carry your boarding pass and ID in your hand. Security always checks for this, so make it easy on you and on them.

If you’re wearing metal or even silver jewelry, best practice is to tuck it away in your jacket pocket, and the same goes for watches. Better yet, don’t wear any jewelry; carry your jewelry or watch in your jacket or purse.

Watch your luggage as security checks it. You have the right to do so, and it’s a good idea, especially if you have valuables. Another passenger or stranger could lift something, and security doesn’t always notice.

Pack your valuables in a portable bag and carry them on to the plane. Don’t check them in, as this can be heartbreaking if your bag is lost or stolen. Put them in the most secure spot and leave them there.