Black Friday and Cyber Monday Ideas For Small Businesses

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Ideas For Small Businesses

When owning a small business, coming up with new ideas to boost exposure and income can be challenging. Try participating in Black Friday and Cyber Monday this year to bring attention to your services and products.

Small Business Can Compete With Big Business

Small businesses can often be swallowed up by the masses of advertizing put out by larger competitors. The weekend after Thanksgiving is the biggest shopping weekend of the year and everyone is looking for a deal. Instead of sitting back and praying for a little exposure during the holidays, try getting out there with your own brand of “deals” to be had.

 Small Business Ideas For The Holidays

Home-based businesses are one of the leading choices among parents because it can be more flexible with a family’s schedule. Being home based is an advantage here because while some people really like being out in the malls on Black Friday, others want a low-key day after a holiday full of food and family. Have friends, family and customers over for a Black Friday holiday get together. You can showcase gift ideas and special offers in a laid back environment. It will feel more like a party than a business gathering and gives everyone the opportunity to relax, have fun, and get some shopping done without feeling the pressure of a salesperson or the retail experience. Better yet, you as the business owner, you have the control. Fancy Dinner or cake and coffee? You can decide what works for you and your schedule while taking advantage of a busy shopping weekend. Internet businesses can benefit from Cyber Monday by offering special pricing, free shipping or any number of specials that you may come up with. Proposing things like gift wrapping and delivery services for holiday purchases can draw customers to the convenience that you are offering them.

Service based businesses don’t need to shy away from shopping holidays. In times like these, when money is tight, people want what they need more that extraneous gifts. Suggest gift certificates for services for family and friends or discounted services for referrals. Free gifts with the purchase of a service is also popular. Advertise special rates or practical gift ideas during that first week of the shopping season.

Any kind of business can profit from joining in on the holiday fun. Be creative. Business owners already know how to think outside the box, so put those skills to use. Don’t just get drowned out it all the commercials and sale papers, get out there with your own promotions this holiday season and make yourself heard!