Travel Tips for International Vacations

International Vacations

International vacations can be extremely fun. There’s just something about traveling to a different country in a different part of the world that is exciting. You get to experience a different culture, different food, sometimes even an entirely different lifestyle than your own. When you travel on an international vacation it is important to follow some general guidelines and safety tips.

Safety is one of the most important things to take into consideration when you travel on an international vacation. When you travel on an international vacation you should do whatever you can to keep from becoming a victim of theft. This is important regardless of the part of the world that you travel to on your international vacation. Make sure that you do not wear expensive jewelry or clothes. If you travel to a poor neighborhood, do not have your camera out.

Try to secure your belongings as much as possible when you travel on an international vacation. When there is a safe available at your hotel or hostel, use it only if it looks secure. When you travel with money on an international vacation, use a money clip only when you have to and use the kind that is worn on the inside of your clothing.

When you travel on an international vacation you should never leave your luggage unattended. This is one of the most important things to do when you travel on an international vacation. As long as your luggage is with you, no one will get a chance to steal it. Use padlocks if you can to deter thieves from breaking into your luggage when you are on an international vacation.

Make sure that you are always aware of where you are going. Many people that travel on an international vacation tend to wander around aimlessly. This makes them a target for muggers and thieves. Use a map to determine where you will be going on that day. Memorize the route so that you know what streets to look for. If you travel on an international vacation and walk around with a map in your head, others will know that you are lost. If you need to refer to your map along the way, you should move out of traffic and place your back on a wall that is still in or near the bustling parts of town. Look at the map and try to memorize the next few steps that you will make. Once you have done this put the map away and continue on.

Always be aware of your surroundings when you travel on an international vacation. Feel free to enjoy the sites and the culture because that is the purpose of the international vacation. Just make sure that you also pay attention when you travel. Trust your instincts and gut feelings about where you are. If something seems wrong, then it probably is. It will be hard to know the unspoken rules of the place that you travel to on an international vacation, but try to be as sure of your surroundings as you possibly can.

Travel for Wine Lovers

Travel for Wine Lovers

Wine connoisseurs, are you planning a vacation to wine country? You may interested in knowing that you don’t have to leave the country to experience great wine country travel. All 50 states in the U.S. have at least one winery. Because of climate and geography, many wineries are clustered together in the state. You can get the most out of your winery travel by planning ahead.

California has over 870 wineries. Napa and Sonoma Valley are the top wine producing regions in the world. With over four million tourists every year, it is estimated that 80% of the travelers visit the same 20 or so wineries. Popular wines from these regions include Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon. There are several ways to tour these wineries. Most popular are by train, bus and limo. For an ever bigger thrill tours are offered by balloon, boat, bike, horseback and hiking.

If you want an east coast vacation, There are over 200 wineries in New York. New York’s cool climate produces fresh flavors, enhancing the flavor of your favorite wine. Popular New York winery regions include the Hudson River Valley, Long Island, Lake Erie and the Finger Lakes. The first commercial winery in the Hudson Valley was established in 1837, it is still in operation today renamed as the Brotherhood Winery located in Washingtontonville.

Virginia houses over 100 wineries. The most common locations in Virginia are the Chesapeake bay, Hampton Roads, Appalachia, Blue Ridge, and the central and eastern regions. Virginia has been making wine since the 17th century. It is written that Virginia has some of the most distinctive and high quality wines in the U.S.

Wherever you chose to travel, be assured that you can find a winery. Coast to coast, or off the beaten path, your next great bottle of wine is just around the corner