Avoid Motion Sickness While Traveling

Avoid Motion Sickness

If you have a queasy stomach and get sick every time you travel you will be happy to find out that there are ways to beat motion sickness. By following these tips you will be able to avoid the sickness, and enjoy your trip.

  1. Do not eat a heavy meal before you depart on your trip. This will upset your stomach and cause it to become irritated during travel. Try to eat something light such as crackers or a piece of bread.
  2. Try to stay facing forward during your trip. By turning around you will throw your body out of sync. Also, try to keep your eyes affixed on an object that is straight ahead.
  3. Keep a carbonated soda handy. By sipping on this you will be able to combat any uneasy feeling that may start to come about.
  4. Consider taking medicine before leaving on your trip. There are plenty of motion sickness tablets available on the market today. The most popular and effective is Dramamine.
  5. Fresh air can go a long way in helping to fight off motion sickness. If you start feeling nauseated open the window and take in some fresh air.
  6. You may have a medical condition that is causing you to become sick during travel. Consult with your doctor, and he or she may be able to cure you of your problem for good.